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AbbrLocationStr(int sectorid) -> string name :: Get abbreviated sector name for sectorid

AbortMission(int itemid) -> nil :: Abort a mission

Article(string word) -> string out :: prepends the appropriate article to the string word

AssignOwnerKey(string keyid) -> nil :: Assign an owner key to this station

CanUseAddon(int itemid) -> bool ret1, {string l1 ..} :: check if the player can equip the addon itemid

CanUseMerchandise(table iteminfo) -> bool ret1, {string l1 ..} :: check if the player can use the item iteminfo

CancelPurchaseShipLoadout() -> nil :: Interrupt purchase of ship loadout

CheckCharProximity() -> nil :: stub

CheckProximityWarning() -> nil :: Trigger the PROXIMITY_ALERT event if a character, that hasn't been before, is within proximity range

CheckStorageAndUnloadCargo({{int itemid, int quantity} ..}, function cb) -> nil :: Unload cargo items and with storage space check

ClearGeneralChatLog() -> nil :: clears general chat log..

ClearLastShipLoadout() -> nil :: clear last shiploadout

ClearMissionChatLog() -> nil :: clears mission log..

ClearProximityCache() -> nil  :: Clear list of characters in proximity range

ClearStationChatLog() -> nil :: clears station log (bar)..

ConfigureMultipleWeaponGroups({table group1key1, table group1key2 ... table group1key6, table group2key1, table group2key2...}, function cb) -> nil :: configures weapon groups according to given tables.

ConfigureWeaponGroup(int id, table port_ids, function cb) -> nil :: Configures one weapon group

ConnectAddon(int portid, int itemid, function cb) -> bool canconnect :: Attaches the addon itemid to the active ship in port portid

CreateCharacter(int name, int nation) -> nil :: Creates the character of the given nation

DeleteCharacter(int slot) -> nil :: Deletes the character in the character slot slot

DisableNPCProximityWarning() -> nil :: Disable proximity warnings for NPC

DisableOneOffProximityWarning() -> nil :: Disable one off proximity warning. Trigger proximity warning more than once for the same ship.

DisablePlayerProximityWarning() -> nil :: Disable proximity warnings for players

DisableProximityWarning() -> nil :: disable the proximity warning ...

DisconnectAddon(int itemid) -> bool ret1 :: detaches the addon itemid and stores it in the station

DisconnectAllAddons() -> nil :: detaches all addons from the active ship and stores them in the current station

EnableNPCProximityWarning() -> nil :: Enable proximity warnings for NPC

EnableOneOffProximityWarning() -> nil :: Enable one off proximity warning. Trigger proximity warning only once for the same ship.

EnablePlayerProximityWarning() -> nil :: Enable proximity warnings for players

EnableProximityWarning() -> nil :: enable the proximity warning ...

EnableVoiceChat(bool enable) -> nil :: Toggle Voice chat

FindAndReplaceTags(string text, table matches) -> string ret1 :: Replaces all occurances of with < and > enclosed substrings in text with matching values from the provided table

FindAndReplaceTagsCB(string text, function cb) -> string ret1 :: Pass each occurances of with < and > enclosed substrings in text to cb and replace them with the return value

ForEachBuddy(function func(string name, bool isonline, int sectorid)) -> nil :: calls func with the name, if the player is online for each of your buddies as well as his position if the player is currently online

ForEachPlayer(function func(int charid)) -> nil :: calls func with the character id of each player in the sector

ForgiveKiller(bool forgive) -> nil :: Forgive the last killer.

GeneratePlayerDiedMessage(string name1, name2, int weapon) -> string msg :: generate appropiate kill message for the arguments.

GetAccomplishmentBigSize(int type, level) -> string bigsize :: Get size of accomplishment medal

GetAccomplishmentBigTexture(int type, level) -> string tex :: Get texture of accomplishment medal

GetAccomplishmentBigUV(int type, level) -> string uv :: Get uv mapping of accomplishment medal

GetAccomplishmentCategory(int type, level) -> string category :: Get category of accomplishment

GetAccomplishmentDescription(int type, level) -> string desc :: Get description of accomplishment

GetAccomplishmentLevels(int accomid) -> int curlevel int reqlevel :: returns the current and the required level for the selected accomplishment

GetAccomplishmentName(int type, level) -> string name :: Get name of accomplishment

GetAccomplishmentSize(int type, level) -> string size :: Get size of accomplishment badge

GetAccomplishmentTexture(int type, level) -> string tex :: Get texture of accomplishment badge

GetAccomplishmentTitle(int type, level) -> string title :: Get title of accomplishment

GetAccomplishmentType(int accomindex, char) -> int accomplishmenttype int accomplishmentlevel :: returns some numbers..

GetAccomplishmentUV(int type, level) -> string uv :: Get uv mapping of accomplishment badge

GetActiveChatChannel() -> int channel :: returns the active channel

GetActiveMissionInfo(int num) -> string mname table mmsg int itemid :: Get information about the selcted active mission

GetActiveShipCargoCount() -> int cargocount :: returns amount of cargo in the ship in cu

GetActiveShipEnergy() -> float eng fraction :: returns the energy level of the active ship

GetActiveShipHealth() -> int d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6 dmg max  :: returns information about the active ships health

GetActiveShipGridPowerAndUsage() -> int power usage :: returns the energy grid power and usage of the current ship..

GetActiveShipID() -> int itemid :: returns itemid of active ship

GetActiveShipItemIDAtPort(int portid) -> int itemid :: returns itemid of addon in selected port

GetActiveShipMass() -> int mass :: returns mass of active ship

GetActiveShipMaxCargo() -> int cargo :: returns amount of cargo space of the active ship in cu

GetActiveShipMaxSpeed() -> int speed :: returns max nonturbo speed of active ship

GetActiveShipName() -> string name :: returns a string with the active ships name

GetActiveShipNumAddonPorts() -> int ports :: returns number of ports in active ship

GetActiveShipPortIDOfItem(int itemid) -> int portid :: returns portid of the given addon in active ship

GetActiveShipPortInfo(int portid) -> table portinfo :: returns information about the given port

GetActiveShipSelectedWeaponGroupIDs() -> int id1 id2 id3 :: returns ids of the selected weapon groups ...

GetActiveShipSpeed() -> int speed :: returns current speed of active ship

GetActiveShipWeaponGroup(int id) -> table group :: return which ports are enabled in the provided group

GetAddonItemInfo(int itemid) -> int current maximum :: Returns current and maximum ammo if itemid is a weapon with ammo, or current/maximum armor if itemid is a ship.

GetAvailableMissionInfo(int midx) -> {int itemtype, string name, bool active, int category, string icon, string desc} :: Returns information about the mission with the given index.

GetBarPatrons() -> {[charid1], [charid2]...} :: get people in the current station bar

GetBestPriceInfoOfItem(int item) -> int price, station :: Get highest sell price of a cargo item in the active ship in the currentsystem

GetBotSightedInfoForSector(int sectorid) -> string botinfo :: returns bot ihnfo text for the given sector

GetBuddyInfo(int char) -> string name, bool isonline, int sectorid :: Get name, online status and location of a buddy

GetCargoValue() -> int value, price :: Get value and buy price of the cargo and equipped addons on the active ship at the current station

GetCharacterDescription(int charid) -> string desc :: Get the character description of a character

GetCharacterID(int nodeid) -> int charid :: returns character id of the provided node id

GetCharacterIDByName(string name) -> int charid :: get character id by name

GetCharacterInfo(int cslot) -> string name faction int money kills deaths loc home cl ll hl tl ml :: Get information about your characters

GetCharacterKillDeaths(int charid) -> int kills deaths pks :: get info about kills and deaths

GetConqueredSectorsInSystem(int systemid) -> table sectors :: Get table with conquered sectors in the given system

GetConqueredStatus(int sectorid) -> int faction :: Get faction that conquered the given sector

GetCurrentSectorid() -> int sectorid :: get current sector id

GetCurrentStationType() -> int type :: return the current station type..

GetCurrentSystemid() -> int systemid :: get current system id..

GetEULA() -> string eula :: return eula

GetFactionInfo(int faction) -> string info :: get faction info text for the provided faction

GetFinishedMissionInfo() -> string name table msg int itemid :: see GetActiveMissionInfo

GetFriendlyStatus(int char) -> int fstatus :: get friendlyness of a character

GetFullPath(int sector, table navroute) -> table fullpath :: Get the full path, including wormhole sectors, from sector along navroute

GetGeneralChatLog() -> table log :: returns the chatlog

GetGroupMemberID(int index) -> int charid :: get charid of group member with given index

GetGroupMemberLocation(int charid) -> int loc :: get location of a groupmember

GetGroupOwnerID() -> int charid :: get charid of group owner

GetGuildAcronym() -> string acronym :: get your guilds acronym

GetGuildBalance() -> int balance :: get amount of money in guild bank

GetGuildBankPrivileges() -> table deposit withdraw logview :: get your guilds bank privileges as three tables

GetGuildBankWithdrawalLimits() -> int ret1 ret2 ret3 :: get withdrawal limits? returns three numbers

GetGuildMOTD() -> string motd :: get your guilds message of the day

GetGuildMemberInfo(int index) -> int charid rank string name  :: get information about the guildmember of the given index

GetGuildMemberInfoByCharID(int charid) -> int charid rank string name  :: get information about the guildmember

GetGuildName() -> string name :: get guild name

GetGuildTag(int charid) -> string tag :: get guild tag of self or another character.

GetHomeStation() -> int sectorid :: get sectorid of home station

GetInventoryItemClassSubType(int itemid) -> int subtype :: get subclass of an item

GetInventoryItemClassType(int itemid) -> int type :: get class of an item

GetInventoryItemContainerID(int itemid) -> int container :: get container of item

GetInventoryItemExtendedDesc(int itemid) -> string desc :: get description of item

GetInventoryItemIcon(int itemid) -> string path :: get path to icon of inventory item

GetInventoryItemInfo(int itemid) -> string ipath name int quant float mass string sdesc desc1 desc2 int container class subtype :: get most info about inventory item

GetInventoryItemLocation(int itemid) -> int stationid :: get location of an inventory item

GetInventoryItemLongDesc(int itemid) -> string desc :: get long description of an inventory item

GetInventoryItemMass(int itemid) -> float mass :: get mass of inventory item

GetInventoryItemName(int itemid) -> string name :: get name of inventory item

GetInventoryItemQuantity(int itemid) -> int quant :: get quantity of inventory item..

GetInventoryItemType(int itemid) -> int type :: get item type

GetInventoryItemUnitCost(int itemid) -> int cost :: get price paid for the given item(?)

GetInventoryItemVolume(int itemid) -> int volume :: get per unit volume of item in cu

GetItemFullDesc(table item) -> string desc :: get full description of an inventory item

GetItemPartialDesc(table item) -> string desc :: get partial description of an inventory item

GetJoinedChannels() -> table channels :: get array with currently joined channels

GetKeyInfo(int keyindex) -> string keyid, string desc  :: Get information about the key with the given index in the keychain

GetLastAggressor(int itemid) -> int nodeid ret1 :: get node id of last aggressor and some number

GetLastPrivateSpeaker() -> string name :: get name of last character that pmed you

GetLastShipLoadout() -> {groups = {1 = group1 .. 18 = group18}, int ship, ports= {1 = port1 ..}, int shipcolor} :: get last ship loadout, color and weapon groups

GetLastShipLoadoutPurchaseCost() -> int cost :: what you payed for your last ship(?)

GetLicenseLevel(int type) -> int level :: get the level of the provided license

GetLicenseRequirement(int level) -> int xp :: get xp required for given level

GetListOfSeenNames() -> table names :: get table with names of characters that have been in the same sector as the player or have sent messages

GetMaxRadarDistance() -> int dist :: get current(?) max radar range

GetMinJumpDistance() -> int dist :: get minimum distance from large objects to jump

GetMissionChatLog() -> {bool updated, string 1.. } :: get advancement log

GetMissionTimers() -> int time :: get time left on the current mission. may have some functionality for multiple missions

GetMoney() -> int money :: get how many credits you own

GetNationKills(int nation) -> int kills :: get number of player kills for the given nation

GetNewsHeadline(int index) -> string title int time ret1  :: get headline, post time and some number

GetNewspostItem(int index) -> int id, time, string subject, bool important  :: Get news post info

GetNumAccomplishments(int charid) -> int accomplishments :: get number of accomplishmeants for given character

GetNumActiveMissions() -> int missions :: get number of active missions.

GetNumAvailableMissions() -> int missions :: get number of available missions

GetNumCharacters() -> int chars :: get number of characters you have defined

GetNumCompletedMissions() -> int missions :: get number of completed missions

GetNumFinishedMissions() -> int missions :: get number of finished missions

GetNumGroupMembers -> int chars :: get number of characters in your group

GetNumGuildMembers() -> int numchars :: get number of online guildmembers

GetNumKeysInKeychain() -> nil :: Get number of keys in the keychain

GetNumNewsHeadlines() -> int num :: get number of news headlines..

GetNumNewsposts() -> int num :: Get number of news posts

GetNumOccasions() -> int num :: Get number of ccassion announcments (events)

GetNumStationDesiredItems() -> int num :: Get number of items this station desires

GetNumStationMerch() -> int num :: get number of addons, ships an cargo this station sells

GetNumStationTurrets() -> int num :: get number of turrets on this station or ship

GetNumTips() -> int num :: get size of load screen tips pool

GetOccasionItem(int index) -> int id, time, duration, string name, bool important, int timestamp  :: Get occasion (event) info

GetParentHealth() -> float ret1 ret2 :: get health of object this one is attached to (turret to capship). untested!

GetPlayerDistance(int charid) -> float distance :: get distance to another character

GetPlayerFaction(int charid) -> int factionid :: get nation of a player

GetPlayerFactionStanding(int factionid, charid) -> int standing :: get a players standing with a faction

GetPlayerHealth(int charid) -> float health :: get health of provided character

GetPlayerName([int charid]) -> string name :: get name of character

GetPlayerNodeID(int charid) -> int nodeid :: get nodeid of a character in the sector

GetPrimaryShipIDOfPlayer(int charid) -> int shipid :: get shipid of a character (= objectid?)

GetPrimaryShipNameOfPlayer(int charid) -> string name :: get ship name (type) of provided character

GetProximityWarningDistance() -> int dist :: get proxy warnign distance Note: even returns the distance when proxy warning is disabled

GetProximityWarningTimeout() -> int timeout :: Get minimum time between proximity warnings

GetRadarDistance(int charid) -> float distance :: get distance to another character

GetSectorAlignment() -> int alignment :: returns the alignment of the current sector

GetSectorIDOfStation(int stationid) -> int sectorid  :: Get sector id of the given station

GetSectorMonitoredStatus() -> int monitor :: returns the monitor status of the current sector (Unmonitored, Guarded ...)

GetShipAmmoPrices(int ship) -> table prices :: get cost of ship ammo

GetShipCargoCount(int itemid) -> int num :: get amount of cargo in the ship

GetShipInventory(int itemid) -> {cargo = {int cargoitemid ..}, addons = {int addonitemid ..}} :: get itemids of items attached to a ship

GetShipList() -> {int itemid ..} :: get list of your ships in the current station. produces error when called outside station..

GetShipMaxCargo(int itemid) -> int cargo :: get amount of cargo the given ship can hold

GetShipMeshInfo(int itemid) -> string id model int color :: get mesh information about equipment in your inventory

GetShipPortIDOfItem(int itemid1, int itemid2) -> int portid :: get port of weapon in one of your ships

GetShipPurchaseColor() -> int color :: get selected color from the color picker

GetSkillLevel(int licenseid) -> int current next :: get current and required xp for next level or provided skill

GetSkirmishInfo() -> int crew1 crew2 init1 init2 string name1 name2 bool active :: returns crew info for skirmish missions

GetStartingSectors(int factionid) -> table sectors :: get list of starting sectors for the given faction

GetStationAddonList() -> {int itemid ..} :: get array with your addons in the station hold

GetStationAmmoInfoByID(int itemid) -> {bool is_ammorepair, string type, int unitcost, int price, string longdesc, string desc, bool locallyproduced, int itemid, string icon} :: get info about ammo based weapons in the station by item id

GetStationCargoList() -> {int itemid ..} :: get list of cargo items in the current station. produces error when called outside station..

GetStationChatLog() -> {string msg ..} :: get table with messages in the station chat

GetStationCurrentCargo() -> int cargo :: get amount of cargo currently in this station. including cargo, equipment, ships ..

GetStationDesiredItem(int index) -> string ditem :: Get the string name of an item that this station desires

GetStationFaction(int stationid) -> int factionid :: get faction of the given station

GetStationFactionAppraisalModifier() -> float modifier :: Returns a number that seems to affect the price of storage space. depends on faction standing or something

GetStationLocation(int stationid1) -> int stationid2 :: get the stationid of the current station

GetStationMaxCargo() -> int cargo :: return amount of cargo this station can hold.

GetStationMerchInfo(int merchid) -> { neededlevels = {int l1 .. l5}, int price, string longdesc, float mass, string sortgroup, int volume, string extendeddesc, string type, string meshfile, bool usable, int itemid, string icon } :: get info about items this station sells

GetStationMerchInfoByID(int itemid) -> { neededlevels = {int l1 .. l5}, int price, string longdesc, float mass, string sortgroup, int volume, string extendeddesc, string type, string meshfile, bool usable, int itemid, string icon } :: get info about items this station sells by itemid

GetStationMerchPriceByID(int itemid) -> int price :: get price of an item this station sells

GetStationName(int stationid) -> string name :: Get the name of a station. If the provided stationid is invalid the function produces a lua error.

GetStationSellableInventoryInfoByID() -> {bool is_ammorepair, string type, int unitcost, int price, string longdesc, string desc, string name, bool locallyproduced, neededlevels = {string l1 .. l5}, int itemid, string icon } :: get sellable inventory info by id ...

GetStationSellableInventoryPriceByID(int itemid, int quantity) -> int value, unitprice :: Get value of inventory items and price per unit in the current station

GetStationShipList(int itemid) -> {int itemid1 ..} :: get array of your ships in the current station

GetStationTurretInfo(int turretid) -> {int objectid, int nodeid, float armorpercent, int itemid} :: get information about a stations or ships turrets

GetStationType() -> string stype :: get station type

GetStorageItemInfo(int itemid) -> int stationid :: get stationid of a storage container

GetStorageLocationSector(int arg1) -> int ret1 :: returns some number when fed with an itemid

GetSurveyChoices() -> {} :: returns an empty table!

GetSurveyQuestion() -> string ret1 :: returns an empty string!

GetSystemID(int sectorid) -> int systemid :: get systemid of the given sector. lua error on nil

GetTargetDistance() -> float dist :: get distance to target

GetTargetFriendlyStatus() -> int fstatus :: get friendlyness of target

GetTargetInfo() -> string name float health dist int factionid string guild ship :: get info about target

GetTip(int tipid) -> string tip :: get loading screen with given index

GetTurretNamesByStationType(string stype) -> {string tur1 ..} :: get turret name of provided station type

GetTutorialLevel() -> int num :: return if the player has done the tutorial(?)

GetUserName() -> string Name :: Returns the username.

GiveMoney(string char, int amount) -> nil :: transfer money to a character

HasActiveShip() -> bool aship :: return true if the player has an active ship

HasLastShipLoadout() -> bool loadout :: return true if the player has a last ship loadout saved

IsConnected() -> bool connected :: return true if the player is connected to the game

IsEnemy(charid) -> bool enemy :: Part of the base radar functionality. Used in conjunction with GetFriendlyStatus.

IsGroupMember(int charid) -> bool grmember :: tell if the provided character is a group member

IsGuildMember(int charid) -> bool guildmember :: tell if the provided character is a guild member

IsInDuel() -> bool duel :: Returns true if the player is in a duel

IsNPCProximityWarningEnabled() -> bool state :: Get NPC proximity warning state

IsOneOffProximityWarningEnabled() -> bool state :: Get one off proximity warning state

IsPlayerProximityWarningEnabled() -> bool state :: Get Player proximity warning state

IsPlayerRequestingBuddy(string name) -> bool req :: Tell if the given player is requesting to become a buddy

IsPlayerRequestingDuel(string name) -> bool req :: Tell if the given player is requesting a duel

IsPlayerRequestingGroupInvite(string name) -> bool req :: Tell if the given player has sent a group invite

IsProximityWarningEnabled() -> bool isproxy :: tell if proximity warning is enabled

IsStormPresent() -> bool isstorm :: tell if there's a storm in the current sector

IsTrainingSector(int sectorid) -> bool tsector :: tell if the given sector is a training sector

IsTransactionInProgress() -> bool trans :: tell if a transaction is in progress (like selling a ship, items ..)

IsVoiceChatEnabled() -> bool vc :: tell if voice chat is enabled

JettisonAll() -> nil :: Jettison all of your ships cargo

JettisonMultiple{item1 = {int id, int quantity} ..} -> nil :: Jettison cargo items and quantitiss according to the provided table

JettisonSingle(int itemid, int quantity) -> nil :: Jettison provided type and amount of cargo

JoinChannel{channelid1 ..} -> nil :: join the provided channels without leaving existing channels

LeaveChannel{channelid1 ..} -> nil :: leave the provided channels

ListChannels() -> nil :: print list of currently joined channels and usage info to the chatarea

LoadCargo({{int itemid, int quantity} ..}, function cb) -> nil :: Load cargo items and quantitiss according to the provided table

LoadChannels() -> nil :: restore chat channels from config file(?)

LoadMissionNotes() -> string notes :: read and return players notes from playernotes.txt. See also: Function_Index#SaveMissionNotes

LoadNavpath(string navpath) -> {int sectorid1 ..} :: load navroute by name and return array with hops

LoadShipPresets() -> nil :: read ship presets from config file and setup buyback dialog

LoadSystemNotes(int systemid) -> string notes :: load system notes from settings/<charactername>/system<systemid>notes.txt

LocationStr(int sectorid) -> string sname :: translate a sectorid into a sector name. error if no argument provided

Login(string username, string password) -> nil :: Login to the game. crashes game when arguments are missing...

Logout() -> nil :: Inititate logout sequence.

MakeBotName(string nameset, int seed) -> string name :: Generate a name fromthe given nameset and optional random seed

MakeBuyBackQuestionDlg() -> userdata dialog :: Create the buyback dialog

NPlural(string arg1, string arg2) -> string pstring :: concaterates the two provided strings together and pluralizes the result

MakeBuyBackQuestionDlg() -> userdata dialog :: Create the buyback dialog

OnIdle(float delta) -> nil :: Idle handler

OpenAlarm(string title, text, buttontext) -> nil :: Show ConfirmationDialog with the given message

OverlapPrevention(table ip) -> bool overlap :: Adjust icon positions in a viewport so that they don't overlap

ParseXML(string xmlstring) -> {dom} :: returns the provided string as a collection of substrings and nodes as subtables ..see example

PlayerInStation() -> bool instation :: tell if the player is in a station or capship

PlayerInventoryPairs() -> int itemid table iteminfo :: Iterator function that returns information about an item in the players inventory each time it is called

PrintJoinUsage() -> nil :: prints how to use /join to the chatarea

PrintLeaveUsage() -> nil :: prints how to use /leave to the chatarea

PrintPurchaseTransaction(string name, int quantity, totalvalue, totalcost) -> nil :: Print a sale summery message to the chat log

PrintTransactionTable() -> nil :: print pending transactions.

ProcessEvent(string eventtype, data) -> nil :: Processes various events. Trigger a with RegisterEvent defined event

PurchaseMerchandiseItem(int itemid, int amount, function callback) -> nil :: buy the provided item

PurchaseShipLoadout(function buybackdone_cb(boolean success), loadout) -> nil :: Buys ship presets as stored in ShipPresets table. buybackdone_cb is called on success/failure.

RegisterEvent(object eventhandler, string eventtype) -> nil :: Hook up object to event

RegisterUserCommand(string commandname, func callback(dataarg, {arguments1, ..}), data) -> nil :: hook up object to command

ReinitIconPositions(timer icontimer, int ship, userdata viewport, table iconlist, userdata iconcontainer, table ipcache) -> nil :: Setup icons in a viewport

ReloadInterface() -> nil :: Reloads everything related to the interface that isn't a texture

RentStorage(int storage) -> nil :: Rent storage space at the current station.

RepairShip(int itemid, int x, func cb) -> nil :: Repairs the ship itemid in the station

ReplenishAll(int itemid, func cb) -> nil :: replenish all weapons on provided ship

ReplenishWeapon() -> ?? :: not tested

RequestCharacterStats() -> nil :: no clue

RequestLaunch() -> bool ret :: Launches from the station. Any issues preventing launch are reported via pop-up window. Otherwise, the player's ship undocks.

RequestMissionDetails(int missionid) -> nil :: (Deprecated)Request information about the given mission (aka the info button)

RequestMissionList() -> nil :: no clue. maybe used by /updatestation

RequestNewsArticle(int newsindex) -> nil :: ask server for news item(?) fills API_NewsDialog with given news item

RequestNewsHeadlines() -> nil :: ask server for news item list?

RequestNewspostInfo(int id) -> nil :: Request a news item. The result is returned with the UPDATE_NEWS event

RequestOccasionInfo(int id) -> nil :: Request an occassion item (event). The result is returned with the UPDATE_NEWS event

RequestTargetStats() -> int charid :: get character id of target (considreing the name maybe more?)

ResetTutorial() -> nil :: Reset the tutorial flag. the player will have to go through it again after docking.

RunTutorial() -> nil :: launch tutorial

SaveChannels() -> nil :: Save joined channels(?). Kinda useless since trhat's done as soon as you join one

SaveMissionNotes(string notes) -> nil :: Save the provided string to the characters mission notes file. See also: API Index#LoadMissionNotes

SaveShipPresets(int index) -> nil :: Save ship preset(s) and recreate buyback dialog

SaveSystemNotes(string notes, int systemid) -> nil :: save system notes to settings/<charactername>/system<systemid>notes.txt

SaveNavpath({int sectorid1 ..}, string name) -> nil :: Save the provided navroute

SaveShipLoadout(int itemid) -> table preset :: create a preset from the given ships loadout

SectorIDFromLocationStr(string location) -> int sectorid :: Convert a location string into a sectorid.

SelectActiveShip(int itemid) -> nil :: Set the given ship active

SelectCharacter(int charslot) -> nil :: Select character in given slot and enter the game with it

SellInventoryItem(int itemid, int amount) -> nil :: Sell the provided amount of an inventory item from the current station or ship

SendChat(string msg, string dst, string dstparam) -> nil :: Send a message to the provided destination.

SendMissionQuestionResponse(int num) -> nil :: (Deprecated)called by the initial info dialog 1 = accept, 0 = decline

SetChatLogRead() -> nil :: Mark the general chat log as read/displayed

SetChatLogReceiver(table chatcontainer) -> nil :: Point the general chat log to a chat container

SetCurrentChatTab() -> ?? :: does nothing. maybe a leftover from the general/mission chat system

SetHomeStation() -> nil :: set current station as your home station

SetMissionLogRead() -> nil :: Mark the advancement log as read/displayed

SetMissionLogReceiver(table chatcontainer) -> nil :: Point the advancement log to a chat container

SetProximityWarningDistance(int dist) -> nil :: set proximity warning distance ..

SetProximityWarningTimeout(int timeout) -> nil :: Set minimum time between proximity warnings

SetShipPurchaseColor(int color) -> nil :: color of the next ship the player will buy

SetStationLogRead() -> nil :: Mark the station log as read/displayed

SetStationLogReceiver(table chatcontainer) -> nil :: Point the station log to a chat container

SetViewObject(userdata modelview, string meshname, string meshfile, int color) -> nil :: Change the ship in a modelview

SHA1(string text) -> string hash :: generate SHA1 hash of the given string

ShortLocationStr(int sectorid) -> string loc :: string representing the provided sector

ShouldTutorialRun() -> bool tut :: tell if the player has done the tutorial

SplitLocationID(int stationid) -> int sectorid stationidx :: split up a stationid into sectorid and station index

SplitSectorID(int sectorid) -> int systemid sectorh sectorv  :: split up a sectorid into systemid and axis on the system grid

SplitStationID(int stationid) -> int systemidl sectorhv :: :: split up a stationid into sectorid and station index

StartSellInventoryItem(int itemid, function cb) -> nil :: Receive instant price updates for the given item.

StationPlayerAmmoPairs() -> int itemid table ammoinfo :: Iterator function that prints information about ammo based weapons in the players inventory at the current station each time it is called. works like pairs()

StationSellableInventoryPairs() -> int itemid table iteminfo :: Iterator function that prints information about an item in the players inventory at the current station each time it is called. works like pairs()

StationSellItem(userdata button, table item, int quantity, function cb) -> nil :: Sell items with aconfirmation dialog

StrTableStopTutorial() -> nil :: seems to be another serialisation function. similar (the same?) to splickle

SubmitSurvey() -> nil :: does nothing..

SwapAddons(int portid1 itemid1 porid1 itemid2 function cb) -> nil :: Swap two addons equipped to the current ship (crashes client after undocking)

TabCompleteName(string name) -> string completename :: Attempts to fill out name with the best match the client has seen since startup. If TabCompleteName cannot find a match for name it returns nil, otherwise, completename will be a string containing the best match.

UnloadCargo({{int itemid, int quantity} ..}, function cb) -> nil :: Unload cargo items and quantities according to the provided table

UnloadSellCargo({{int itemid, int quantity} ..}, function cb) -> nil :: Unload and sell cargo items and quantities according to the provided table

UnregisterEvent(object, string eventtype) -> nil :: Unregister an object registered with RegisterEvent

UnregisterUserCommand(string command) -> nil :: Unregister a command registered with RegisterUserCommand

UnrentStorage(int storage) -> nil :: Unrent storage space at the current station.

UpdateAllRadarFriendlyStatus() -> nil :: Update the radar with the new status when overriding GetFriendlyStatus

UpdateRadarFriendlyStatus(int nodeid) -> nil :: Update the radar with the new status when overriding GetFriendlyStatus

XMLTagToString() -> nil :: might the reverse of ParseXML

_ERRORMESSAGE(string msg) -> nil :: creates an error message with the provided string. probably more

assert :: [1]

bbhash(string input, int arg2) -> string hash :: Seems to be some kind of hash function

calc_health_color(float health, int alpha, mode) -> string color :: Create an iup color string corresponding to the given health

clearscene() -> nil :: removes al objects from the game world

collectgarbage :: [2]

comma_value(float number) -> string formatted_number :: returns a formatted version of the provided number according to API_Index#SI_unit

console_clear() -> nil :: clear console on the next API_ReloadInterface

console_print(string text) -> nil :: print the given string to the ingame console

debugprint() -> ?? :: does nothing..

declare(string name, value) -> nil :: declare a variable and assign a value

deviceByMode(table arg1, mode) -> table ret :: not sure. possibly to find audio devices by capability

dofile :: [3]

error :: [4]

factionfriendlyness(int standing) -> string name :: get string that represents the given faction standing

factionfriendlynesscolor(int standing) -> string color :: get iup color that represents that given faction standing

factionfriendlynessrange(int standing) -> float range :: get progress within the current faction standing level

fillModesDropdown() -> ? :: no clue. fill some kind of drop down menu(?)

filter_colorcodes(string in) -> string out :: strips colorcodes from the provided string

format_time(int msecs) -> string tstring :: get string representation of the provided time

generalprint(string str) -> nil :: print given string to the chat area via CHAT_MSG_PRINT event. Results is printed in the active channel text color.

hextorgb(string hexcolors) -> string deccolors :: Convert hexadecimal formated color string into a decimal one used by iup

ipairs :: [5]

load :: [6]

loadfile :: [7]

loadscene(string scene) -> ?? :: load a scene(?). don't know how it works though

loadstring :: [8]

log_chat(string str) -> nil :: Writes current time and given string to the errors.log

log_print(string str) -> nil :: Writes string to the errors.log

next :: [9]

oper :: not gonna bother

pairs :: [10]

pcall :: [11]

print(string str) -> nil :: print given string to the chat area

printtable{in} -> nil :: print contents of a table to the console

purchaseprint(string str) -> nil :: print given string to the chat area via CHAT_MSG_CONFIRMATION event.

rawequal :: [12]

rawget :: [13]

rawset :: [14]

require :: [15]

rgbtohex(string deccolor) -> string hexcolor :: Returns string containing escaped hexadecimal version of the in decimal given color

roper :: not gonna bother

sectorprint(string str) -> nil :: print given string to the chat area via CHAT_MSG_SERVER_SECTOR event. Results in white text by default.

select :: [16]

sort_commodities(table a, b) -> bool order :: Sort function for iteminfo tables. See table.sort in the lua reference

sort_sellable_commodities(table a, b) -> bool order :: Sort function for iteminfo tables that prioritizes items in the active ship. See table.sort in the lua reference

storagelocationcompare(int a, b) -> bool order :: Sort function for locationid values. See table.sort in the lua reference

spickle(table intab) -> string :: Converts a table into a string roughly of the format "value","value",{"tablevalue","tablevalue";tablekey="value"};key="value",key="value"

strip_whitespace(string in) -> string out  :: strip whitespace from beginning and end of string

substitute_vars(string in) -> string out  :: replace variables like %target% in input with their corresponding value

tabcomplete :: produces lua error..

testconquered(int sectorid, factionid) -> nil :: test function. sets conquerer of the given sector

tonumber :: [17]

tostring :: [18]

type :: [19]

unpack :: [20]

undeclare(string name) -> nil :: undeclare a variable created with Function_Index#declare

unspickle(string in) -> table outtab :: Converts a spickled string into a table

xpcall :: [21]


Bitlib :: functions to manipulate the bitwise operations

Buddy :: functions to manipulate the characters buddylist

Duel :: Duel related methods

FactionArticle :: table with faction articles. indices represent factionid. see: Article

FactionColor :: table with faction colors. indices represent factionid

FactionColor_RGB :: table that maps factionid's to colors in RGB format

FactionMonitor :: table with monitoring types. indices represent numeric monitoring types and values, string representations of that type

FactionMonitorStr :: table with monitoring types. values represent numeric monitoring types and indices, string representations of that type

FactionName :: Array with short names of the ingame faction

FactionNameFull :: Array with long names of the ingame faction

FactionStanding :: table for mapping names of standing levels to it#s int value

FriendKeys :: taable friend key related functions

Game :: functions to control a few game features ..

GeneralChatPanel :: table with parts of a chat area. seems to point to PDA or HUD chat panel depending on what is visible(?)

Group :: Group related functions

Guild :: Guild related functions

Gunner :: Gunner related functions for multiplayer ships

HUD :: HUD related functions

Ignore :: Ignorelist related functions

InvManager :: functions to get information about inventory items

lcd ->  :: functions for the Logitech G-series keyboard screens

Keychain :: keychain management

Mentor :: Mentor related functions

MissionLogPanel :: table with parts of the mission log

NavRoute :: functions to manipulate your NavRoute

ShipOrder :: table containing the ordering of ships in lists(?)

ShipPalette :: array that maps palette color values (1-256) to rgb values represented as gvectors

ShipPalette_string :: array that maps palette color values (1-256) to rgb values represented as strings

ShipPresets :: array with properties of ship presets

ShipSkinNames :: array containing livery names

ShipSkinDescriptions :: array containing livery descriptions

Skills :: table to translate skillid's into skill names and back

SystemNames :: Table to translate systemid's into system names and back.

SystemNotes :: System Notes public table. Used for adding notes to the navmap.

TagFuncs :: Text markup callbacks(?)

TCPSocket :: socket class

Thread :: Thread library

Timer :: Timer class

VoiceChat :: voice chat related functions

Vote :: functions to use the voting feature

_generalchatlog :: array with chatlog

_missionlog :: array with mission log

_stationlog :: array with log of visisted stations

chatinfo :: table with display options for each chat event

chatreceiver :: event handler for chat events

command_pretty_names :: table that maps commands to their descriptions

coroutine :: coroutine class

debug :: debugging helpers

gkini :: functions to manipulate the games config file

gkinterface :: interface related functions..

gkmisc :: misc functions ..

gknet :: network related functions

gksound :: audio related functions

gvector :: gvector class. to create and manipulate vectors

ignore_time :: array with with ignored name and period entries

joystick :: functions to change joystick settings

math3d :: functions to do some vector math

math :: standard math library

os :: functions to interface with the operating system

quaternion :: quaternion class. to create and manipulate quats

radar :: functions to query and set radar parameters

string :: string manipulation functions

table :: standard table library


CLASSTYPE_ADDON -> 2 :: inventory item class of addons

CLASSTYPE_FLAG -> 3 :: inventory item class of flags(?)

CLASSTYPE_GENERIC -> 0 :: inventory item class of generic items

CLASSTYPE_MISSION -> 5 :: inventory item class of missions

CLASSTYPE_SHIP -> 1 :: inventory item class of ships

CLASSTYPE_STORAGE -> 4 :: inventory item class of storage containers (station hold)

Platform -> "Unix", "MacOS", "Windows", "iOS", and "Android" :: string representing the platform the game is running on

SubPlatform -> Windows: "Metro"; Android: "OUYA", "NvidiaShield", "GameStick", "XperiaPlay", "SonyS2", "ASB" (Amazon Fire TV)

SubSubPlatform -> Metro: "ARM" or "x86"; Android: "ARM", "x86", "mips" (x86 is AndroidTV)

VO_VERSION -> 3 :: games major version

_VERSION -> "Lua 5.1" :: lua version