Capella class vessel

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The Capella class vessel is a monster of a ship, still in development but visible as occasional convoys or escort missions spawn them.

Game Description

Player Construction

As of this time you cannot build or buy a Capella. However, some players currently seem to believe that acquiring double the resources needed for a Trident Type M will leave you close to a Capella.


Variant Level Armor Shield Cargo Docking Weapons Mass Length Thrust Max Speed Spin Torque Turbo Speed Turbo Energy
Capella class vessel Still in testing, not manufacturable or purchaseable  ? Armour  ? Unknown Sheilds  ? cu Yes  ? Large Port, ? Turret Ports  ? KG  ? Length  ?N Thrust  ? m/s  ? Spin Torque  ? Turbo Speed  ? m/s

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