TPG Headquarters

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TPG Headquarters

TPG Headquarters is a TPG Capitol station in Dau K-10


Type Available
EC 88, 89, 98, 101, 104, 107
Centurion MkI, MkII
Revenant MkI, MkII, MkIII
Warthog MkI, MkIII, MkIV, Mireral Extractor
Vulture MkI, MkIV
Atlas MkII, MkIII, Type B, Type X
Hornet MkI, MkII
Ragnarok MkI, MkII, MkIII
Centaur MkI, MkIII
Behemoth MkI, XC
Marauder Type B, Type X
Raptor MkI, MkII


  • Small
Type Available
Plasma Cannon MkI, MkII, MkIII, HX
Ion Blaster MkII, MkIII
Phase Blaster MkII, TPG Sparrow
Neutron Blaster MkI, MkII, (MkIII)
Positron Blaster MkI
Gauss Cannon MkI, MkII
Flechette Cannon MkI, MkII
Rail Gun MkI, MkII, Advanced
Missles(S) Gemini
Rockets(S) Iceflare, Starflare, Sunflare
  • Large
Type Available
Rockets(L) Screamer, Jackhammer
Missiles(L) Stingray, Chaos Swarm
Mines Concussion, Proximity, Lightning
Plasma Devastator MkI, MkII
Plasma Eliminator MkI
Gatling Cannon, Turret
Mega Positron Blaster MkI


Type Available
Powercells Free, Light, Medium, Heavy, Ultra Charge, Fast Charge
Turrets Gauss Cannon MkII - Turret
Mining Beams MkI (S), Improved (S), MkI (L), Advanced, Xithricite, Apicene, High-Density, Heliocene, Pentric, IoPhase, DeniPhase
Mining Scanners MkI, Advanced
Repair Modules MkII
Storm Extenders Shared Group Radar Extender
Cargo Scanners Cargo Scanner, Scanner Blocker

Trade Goods

Type Available
Ores Aquean, Silicate, Carbonic, Ferric, VanAzek, Ishik, Xithricite, Precious Metals
Weapon Components Basic Targeting Systems, Stabilizing Systems, Cooling Systems
Comestibles and Beverages Purified Water, Food, Dau Wine, Dau Spices
Industrial Goods Inert Chemicals, Volatile Chemicals, Corrosive Chemicals, Organic Solvents
Production Goods Synthetic Hydrocarbons, Steel, Simple Plastics, Vismetal, Replacement Hydraulic Fluid, NanoFeed, Dyes, XiRite Alloy, SynthWood, NanoPigments
Consumer Goods TPG Pilot Training Module, Cooking Supplies, Luxury Goods
Ship and Station Components Pressure Relief Valves, Oxygen Recycling System, Fuel Storage Container
Military Equipment Refugee Support Kit