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This page should link to all the various sections of the Vendetta Online community. The primary section contains official weblinks, those that are owned and maintained by Guild Software. Underneath that can be the communal area where ___ACTIVE___ community sections are maintained. Dead yet still existing links can sit at the bottom.


These link to websites and content officially maintained or owned by Guild Software.

Content Description
Official Website The official website for Vendetta Online, including the forums, guides, and a number of other utilities
Vendetta Online on the google play store Official storefront for Vendetta Online on most Android Devices (See here for amazon devices)
Vendetta Online on the Apple Appstore Official storefront for Vendetta Online on iOS devices
Vendetta Online on the Quest Store Official storefront for Vendetta Online on Meta Quest VR devices
Guild Software Company Website The rarely-used company website for the makers of Vendetta Online
Facebook The Vendetta Online facebook page, which mostly is synced with the game news feed
Twitter/X The Vendetta Online twitter feed, which is mostly synced with the game news feed
IndieDB IndieDB is a listing site for indie games, and has a yearly vote on the most popular. This is Vendetta Online's page for this service.
Youtube The official youtube channel for Vendetta Online
Discord The official discord server for the Vendetta Online community
Steam Group The official steam group for Vendetta Online. Not a steam storefront!


These are active communities or pages showcasing or centered around Vendetta Online and its content.

Content Description
Youtube Topic channel The topic channel is a gathering of all Vendetta Online tagged content on Youtube, and will list recent uploads within the past seven days
every(ONE) public discord The original community discord for Vendetta Online, before the official community server was created
Reddit The rarely-used official reddit forums for Vendetta Online
VOUPR The Vendetta Online Unofficial Plugin Repository, the primary place to get plugins for Vendetta Online
NexusMods The NexusMods repository for Vendetta Online

Dead Links

These link to completely inactive or dead websites which were once popular in Vendetta Online's history. Any actually dead links listed here should be usable in the wayback machine, should anyone be interested in the older content.

Content Description Current State
Design Wiki The Official plans for the future (of vendetta online) Offline (date unknown)
VPRpedia A wiki on pirate activity, maintained by the Vipers Defunct
Vendetta Online on the Windows Store The game use to have a dedicated version available for the Windows Store, which used special UWP-compatible shaders and functionality. Around the same time as derelict ships were coming to the game, support was dropped as it was no longer compatible with the game. Not supported