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Capture the Cargo

CtC has been taken down by the developers with no forseeable date for being brought back online; the bots used in CtC used an old version of AI that had several bugs in it. Vendetta Online CtC Stats Page

Corporate Sector Run

Corporate Sector Run, or CSR, use to be a player-hosted race, but in 2020 was implemented into the game itself. Pilots must race clockwise from Odia through UIT space and back, with publicly shared progress updates in channel 100 via server messages. Greyhounds are restricted from participation in the race. Vendetta Online CSR Stats Page

Running Events

Specifics and outcomes of events are usually posted in the "Role Playing" forum, and announced on channel 100. More info can also be found on the discord's event planner. Generous prizes are often distributed to the winners of an event. Some are regularly scheduled, while others are hosted at-will by various players.

Nationwar eventbanner.jpg
Nation War A historical Nationality-based team survival event hosted usually in Sedina on a weekly basis.
Buswar eventbanner.png
Bus War An open furball where pilots can only use EC-class ships. This event serves as a good introduction to PvP for new pilots.

If you are interested in hosting a buswar, this plugin helps track PvP kills that occur in your sector while active.

Hivechrysalis eventbanner.jpg
Hive Chrysalis A multi-wave PvE event where pilots are pitted against the hive.
Starshipdefense eventbanner.png
Starship Defense A PvE event where you protect a capital vessel from waves of enemies.
Battlemaze eventbanner.jpg
Battle Maze A team-based PvP event utilizing the complex Sedina G-5 race tubes
Superqueen eventbanner.jpg
Supercharged Queen Hunt A PvE event where pilots must find a way to destroy a queen with an invulnerability barrier.
Vaultraid eventbanner.jpg
VaultRaid A free-for-all where pilots attempt to capture an objective by sitting within range of a hackable target, or by killing those with capture progress.

This event has subrules that change every scheduling; there can be PvE and team-based rules in play. Always check the event listings!

If you would like to set up an event go to the link at the top of the article. Any *actively* hosted event can be added to this page.

Inactive/Defunct Events

These events are no longer actively hosted or maintained at this time.

Ctf eventbanner.png
Capture the Flag A complex event where pilots are assigned one of two teams in a special arena, and compete to obtain 3 flags for their team.
Tdx eventbanner.png
TeamDX A summer event where teams are assigned automatically and engage in a 10 minute deathmatch.
Arklanhunt eventbanner.png
Arklan Hunt A speedrun where you attempt to kill as many of the elite-AI Arklan Guardians in Latos D14 before you die or within a time limit

Originally hosted by pilot Chon-Bo Zelina

Bractusarmada eventbanner.png
Bractus Armada A complex multi-mission PvE campaign where pilots must capture resource nodes in Bractus, which effects the next week's performance.
2v2vultduel eventbanner.jpg
Starship Defense A team-based PvP event kept within the Edras M-12 grid zone
Heliosmining eventbanner.png
Helios Mining Exploration An Aeolus-sponsored competition mining event with rewards based on finding specific types of ores
Flagbattle eventbanner.jpg
Flag Battle A unique event hosted by Raybondo, one of the two active developers of Vendetta Online. Pilots competed in a PvE event to collect and turn in flags from a hive incursion.