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In Vendetta Online, you are represented by your vessel. There is no avatar, no "human" persona. You can change your ship at any time, provided that you have the necessary credits, factional standing, and license levels to purchase your desired ship.

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Note: These pages contain all known variants.

Basic Ships


  • EC - The basic ship used by those who can't afford better.
  • Centurion - The first fighter/interceptor ship you get access to.
  • Vulture - An agile fighter with two small ports.
  • Raptor - A light attack ship from TPG, with two small ports and moderate maneuverability.


  • Warthog - A basic ship with a large port on it. Often referred to as a "hog" in chat.
  • Hornet - An attack ship with four small ports and a decent cargo hold.
  • Revenant - A versatile trader/warship, with medium armor, firepower, and cargo. Often referred to as a "rev" in chat.
  • Atlas - A ship equipped with a large and a small port, good for transporting cargo.
  • Marauder - A great trading vessel that doubles as a combat ship at times. Referred to as the Maud occasionally.


  • Centaur - A trading vessel with a small port and two large ports. Very good for transporting cargo. Often referred to as a "taur" in chat.
  • Ragnarok - A vessel designed for bombing, can also be used for mining. Has three small ports and two large ports. Often referred to as a "rag" in chat.
  • Behemoth - A very large trading vessel that barely makes it into the current docks. With two large ports it can also mine. Often referred to as a "moth" in chat.

Nation Specific

  • Valkyrie - (Itani) - A very good fighter with three small ports. Often referred to as a "valk" in chat.
  • Raptor UDV - (UIT) - UIT Military version of the Raptor with two large ports.
  • Prometheus - (Serco) - A heavily armored assault ship. Often referred as a "prom" in chat.

Phased-Out Designs

  • Wraith - A two small and one large port ship best used as a combat support ship.

Capital Ships

  • Capella class vessel - An enormous ship, still in its testing phase. Currently serves as an NPC transport vessel, you can see these basically everywhere you go.



  • Trident Light Frigate - The second smallest capital ship in game, commonly used in hive skirmishes as a support vessel. Often referred to as a "dent" in chat.
  • TPG Teradon Frigate - Midrange capital vessel, workhorse of both the Serco and Itani fleets in the border war.


  • Heavy Assault Cruiser - The largest vessel currently ingame. Currently a solely NPC vessel, seen in Serco space and border combat.