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Border Skirmish

Deneb is the battlefront of the Itani/Serco war and is constantly under siege. You can participate in fighter, small, medium and large skirmishes that range in difficulty in the types of ships you would face and the number of kills that need to be made before the opponent disengages. Large skirmishes require 2000 kills, where as the fighter ones only require 50. In skirmishes where capital ships are present the number of kills is determined by the number of people aboard.

Casualty numbers for capital ships:

  • A Heavy Assault Cruiser has 800 souls aboard.
  • A TPG Constellation Heavy Transport has 200 souls aboard.
  • A TPG Teradon Frigate has 80 souls aboard.
  • A Trident Frigate has 20 souls aboard.


  • You can repair and re-arm for free in the capital ships when they are present.
  • Uncontested or won sectors contain defense turrets that once destroyed spawn a new skirmish to claim the sector.
  • The current nation that holds the sector is displayed on the nav map with either a blue square for Itani or Red square for Serco.
  • Once a day the nation holding the most sectors in the Deneb system will launch a blockade to the other nations grey facing wormholes.

Serco border incursions happen every 4 hours, and if you follow a buddy with a skirmish missions into the specific sector, you may also take part in the battle.

Skirmish Sizes

  • The credit cost of your ship's hull will be reimbursed if ship loss occurs in the sector of the currently active mission.

Fighter Skirmish

50 Casualties until defeat No Capital ships present

Small Skirmish

200 Casualties until defeat

Medium Skirmish

500 Casualties until defeat

Large Skirmish

2000 Casualties until defeat

Border Battle

3000 Casualties until defeat