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This page hosts the ChangeLogs for Vendetta Online, chronicling its evolution from release through present day.

ChangeLog/1.8 (Current)

The 1.8 series opened with the complete removal of DELIVERATOR and its replacement by KOURIER. With this new infrastructure in place, many new missions were released, and large-scale combat was revamped with Border Skirmish and Hive changes. Other notable changes include the partial opening of the game's LUA scripting interface and the release and/or incorporation of many user-created interface plugins. Graphically, the game got a major boost with the "Super High" background rendering mode, detail textures, and translucent ice. Next, the developers partnered with TeamSpeak to add a long-requested feature to Vendetta Online: voice chat. In a short period, the developers introduced several other long-awaited features: multi-player ships and dynamically conquerable territory. The next year or so of the 1.8 series was spent on the Android release, which brought a much-needed influx of fresh blood. Once that was out the door, Guild brought out two of the longest-awaited features of all: giant stations (>25km across) and user-pilotable capital ships. After a brief interlude on a failed kickstarter campaign, Guild released VO for two more platforms (iPad and Ouya). In 2015, the rendering engine gained the ability to do modern (circa 2004), shader-based dynamic lighting and shadows


The 1.7 series made the new station interface, which had been first introduced in 1.6, the default interface for all characters. This series also brought many new missions to the game, with a new in-game mission interface and the introduction of the Player Contribution Corps, a group of players who are given access to the mission editor. Also new in this release series was a replacement for the venerable Wraith, the new Revenant. Finally. the 1.7 series also introduced some oft-requested features like shields for capital ships and repair costs which varied depending on amount of damage to repair and distance from a station that sold the required parts.


Vendetta 1.6 introduced the PDA and the current station interface. This series also changed the look of the game quite a bit by changing the way lighting is done to be more realistic. Many players feel that this change resulted in a darker, moodier atmosphere.


Version 1.5 introduced the new client to the game, along with the first major revamp of the station interface since alpha version 3.2.0. Many other new features were also added in this series, such as the TPG Raptor, Teradon and the EC-89.


This period saw the release of the game and the addition of many features that are now taken for granted, such as mining, the intergalactic news system, and the Behemoth.