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Dueling can refer either informal consensual 1v1s or an in-game 1v1 rating system.


Players seeking either type of duel typically congregate in Sedina B8. Swarms and other fire-and-forget weapons are frowned on. Running or otherwise avoiding inevitable death is seen as dishonorable.

Formal Duels

Formal duels are initiated with /duel commands. The first player to die or leave the sector loses. If either player takes damage from a ship not engaged in the duel, the duel is automatically aborted. Faction penalties are never awarded for killing your dueling opponent. Pilots in the middle of a duel are displayed as light blue blips on radar.

Official duel ratings - http://www.vendetta-online.com/h/duelstats/page1.html

Duel Commands

  • /duel challenge <player>- Used to initiate a duel
  • /duel accept <player> - Used to accept a challenge
  • /duel decline <player>- Used to decline a challenge
  • /duel abort - Used to request that a duel be aborted. Both players must request an abort for the fight to be suspended.
  • /duel ranking - Used to check your own duel rating and statistics.
  • /duel ranking <player> - Used to see another players' rating and statistics.