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The HUD screen is visible when moving your active ship between stations. Within it you can chat with friends, view information on your current target, your ship info, see activity around you, and pilot your ship through the limitless bounds of space.

Hud marked up.jpg
  1. Configuration - Your HUD's way of showing you what's on board.
  2. Chat Area - This is where messages from people and the mission bot appear.
  3. Target - Information on your target.
  4. Monitored License - Your currently monitored license.
  5. Ship Information - Information on your ship.
  6. Crosshairs - Handy display of where your weapons will go, and more.
  7. Speed - Your current velocity.
  8. Battery - The current charge of your ship's battery.
  9. Flight-Assist Status - Indicates whether Flight-Assist is turned on
  10. Location - Shows some information about your location.
  11. Radar - Tells you about the universe around you.