Oan Research

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Oan Research

Oan Research is an Itani Research station at Setalli Shinas L-12.


Type Available
EC 88, 89, 104
Revenant MkII
Warthog MkI
Vulture MkI, MkIV
Hornet MkII
Ragnarok MkI, MkII
Centaur MkI, MkIII
Behemoth MkI
Valkyrie Vengeance, Rune, IDF Vigilant, X-1


  • Small
Type Available
Plasma Cannon MkI
Phase Blaster MkII
Neutron Blaster MkII, (MkIII)
Positron Blaster MkI
Gauss Cannon MkI, MkII
Flechette Cannon MkI, MkII
Rail Gun MkI, MkII, MkIII, Advanced
Rockets(S) Iceflare, Starflare, Sunflare
  • Large
Type Available
Rockets(L) Jackhammer, Screamer
Missiles(L) Stingray, Locust Swarm, Chaos Swarm
Mines Concussion, Lightning
Plasma Devastator MkII
Mega Positron Blaster MkI
Gatling Turret


Type Available
Powercells Free, Light, Medium, Heavy, Ultra Charge, Fast Charge
Mining Beams MkI (S), Improved (S), Xithricite, High-Density, Pentric, IoPhase
Mining Scanners MkI

Trade Goods

Type Available
Ores Aquean, Silicate, Carbonic, Ferric, VanAzek
Weapon Components Basic Targeting Systems, Optics
Comestibles and Beverages Purified Water, Food, Textured Vegetable Protein
Industrial Goods Volatile Chemicals, MicroTech Replicator, Chemical Spill Kit
Production Goods NanoFeed, Synthetic Hydrocarbons, Bearing Grease, Simple Plastics, SynthWood
Consumer Goods Consumer Electronics, Synthetic Gems
Ship and Station Components Oxygen Recycling System
Elekronik Supersonik Superconductors, Amplification Module
Equipment Parts Gyroscopes