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Ever since the underlying Lua interface code was opened up to VO's player base, Vendetta Online features the possibility for users to write their own plug-ins, affecting everything from the game's interface to in-game communication to game mechanics.

Installing Plugins

Installation instructions vary by platform, but in general, installing plugins involves copying files from the archive you download to <game install directory>/plugins/. If a plugin is Neoloader-compatible, it may need to be enabled in-game as well, depending on the user's configuration.

Platform Common install directory
Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\Vendetta
Linux /home/<user>/.vendetta
Mac <special>
Android*** /android/data/com.guildsoftware.vendetta/files
iOS <special>
VR Depends on device; usually follows android but requires headset to be connected and explorable by connected PC.

Mac users will right click the vendetta app in the finder application and select the option "Show Package Contents".

iOS users need to attach their device to a computer running iTunes, and sync a plugins folder into the game.

  • Create a folder anywhere, name it "plugins", and add your plugins to it as if it were your game's plugin directory.
  • Connect your iOS device and open iTunes.
  • Open your device information and settings window (small button in top-left), then select the option "File Sharing"
  • Select Vendetta Online from the list of apps on the left
  • Click and drag your plugins folder onto the right side pane (select overwrite if prompted)

Android users need to use an updated file manager such as NMM or X-plore on versions 12 and below. For Android 13+, pilots will need to connect their device to a computer to access the /android/data directory. This is due to scoped storage permissions.

This youtube guide should provide visual aide for the process, and is only slightly out of date in regards to Android.

Creating your own Plugins

VO Lua API that can be used for creating plugins can be found at [1].

Available Plugins

This page tracks many well-known plugins found across the public repositories listed below. It is not meant to be an encompassing list, but serves to track some of the most popular plugins used by many pilots. If you are looking for the old list of many plugins, or wish to add your own, please visit the Free plugin list.

Public Plugin Repositories:

Name Author Where to get Purpose
Neoloader Luxen VOUPR


Advanced Plugin Loader and Library Management
MDI-Targetlist Draugath VOUPR Advanced yet minimalist target display on your HUD with addon support
MDI-RoidDB Draugath VOUPR Asteroid Database Manager and Mining Assistant
Prospector Snib, PaKettle VOUPR Asteroid Database Manager and Mining Assistant
Reskin Luxen VOUPR


Theme Management Interface
Turret Selection Interface Slime VOUPR GUI for selecting turrets on capital vessels
Trade Assistant 2 Snib, Mad Miner Moda VOUPR Trade and Commerce Utility
Toaster Crush Suite ScionSpy, Scuba Steve 4.0 VOUPR Combat toolkit
Sound Alert Suite Chocolateer VOUPR Auditory notifications for game events
DroidButtons Draugath VOUPR Flight Interface Modifier - redesign your input interface on mobile!
Key Manager Lanigiro Elbbarcs VOUPR Manage access keys for stations and capital vessels
Honk Rin Ganberro VOUPR Make ships honk!