Rillia Mining

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Rillia Mining

Rillia Mining is an Itani Mining station at Metana F-3.


Type Available
EC 88, 89, 98, 104
Centurion MkI, MkII, Itani Border Guardian
Revenant MkI
Warthog MkIII, MkIV
Vulture MkI
Atlas MkII
Hornet MkII
Ragnarok MkI
Centaur MkI
Behemoth Heavy Miner


  • Small
Type Available
Plasma Cannon MkI, MkII, MkIII
Ion Blaster MkII
Phase Blaster MkII
Neutron Blaster (MkIII)
  • Large
Type Available
Missiles(L) Stingray
Plasma Devastator MkII


Type Available
Powercells Free, Light, Medium, Heavy, Ultra Charge, Fast Charge
Mining Beams MkI (S), Improved (S), High-Efficiency, MkI (L), Advanced, Xithricite, Apicene, High-Density, Pentric
Mining Scanners MkI, Advanced
Repair Modules MkII

Trade Goods

Type Available
Ores Aquean, Silicate, Carbonic, Ferric, VanAzek, Precious Metals
Weapon Components Basic Targeting Systems
Comestibles and Beverages Purified Water, Food, Textured Vegetable Protein
Industrial Goods Inert Chemicals, Volatile Chemicals
Production Goods NanoFeed, Dyes, Synthetic Hydrocarbons, Simple Plastics
Research Equipment Quantitative Analysis Equipment, Industrial Research Supplies
Ship and Station Components Oxygen Recycling System