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The game currently contains 3 conquerable stations within grey space. These stations have 8 turrets and 2 station guards which must be destroyed before player(s) can claim the station and set up an access key. They are currently hotly contested as planned capital ship parts are manufactured at these locations.


  • Pelatus C-12 (this station is in a fogged sector)
  • Bractus M-14
  • Latos I-8


To attack a station you generally need a ship that can carry heavy guided weapons like a Swarm/Gem Ragnarok however quad gemini Hornets can be useful as their top speed can outrun the the stations missile turrets with ease. The goal is to destroy all 8 turrets to disable the stations defenses which causes a 2 minute timer to start. Whichever player docks first at the end of the timer gains control of the station.


Repair modules play a vital role in station defense as generally 1 repper in a Centaur can hold off 2 players alone if they are not being killed off. If you have a large enough force to have reppers and fighters then the defense can become more dynamic and hold off massive assaults.

Access keys

Access keys grant users access to a station there are 2 types: Owner and user. Anyone with an Owner key can add more Owner and users to the station while user keys are restricted to station access only and cannot add more keys. The keys have 2 check boxes IFF and Can dock. IFF controls whether the turrets fire at the player or not while the other option allows docking. A key can also be named before handing it out. The default is <players name> owner key. Renaming the key makes it easier to reselect the right key if your station is lost and you need to retake it. Keys given out can also be temporary. More information is listed on PDA/Inventory


  • Players can repair and reload ammo for free
  • Guilds can use them as a central base and a show of their power
  • Several manufacturing missions are ONLY available at these stations