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Itani Space

Itani Star Systems
Station Name Sector Type
Artana Aquilus System
Minutus Orbital E-11 Research
Artana's Strength L-14 Barracks
Cappus Mining N-03 Mining
Cantus System
Tellus Research F-03 Research
Oscree Garden F-11 Mining
Botelli Hold M-05 Barracks
Deneb System
Aeron's Patience I-12 Mining
Deneb Meditation K-05 Research
Ellias Stand O-03 Barracks
Divinia System
Divine Horizon F-06 Capitol
Divine Duty G-06 Capitol
Marain Garden J-11 Mining
Sutte Pathway K-03 Commercial
Coranis Watch M-14 Barracks
Eo System
Vamis Hold G-13 Commercial
Denia Watch I-07 Barracks
Eo's Garden J-11 Capital
Eo's Path K-11 Capital
Esta Outpost L-04 Mining
Itan System
Ramarak Hold E-07 Mining
Ramarak Monitoring G-04 Research
Armand's Dilligence J-11 Capital
Armand's Reward K-11 Capital
Omata Meditation N-05 Research
Jallik System
Jallik Garden C-12 Commercial
Oro Mining D-04 Mining
Jallik Watch E-15 Research
Eo's Peace M-6 Commercial
Metana System
Rillia Mining F-03 Mining
Sorus Hold G-14 Commercial
Karrin Watch M-06 Barracks
Pherona System
Raehy Orbital J-03 Barracks
Pherona Garden J-08 Commercial
Setalli Shinas System
Setalli's Path E-13 Commercial
Oan Research L-12 Research

Serco Space

Serco Star Systems
Station Name Sector Type
Betheshee System
Meshora Depot C-14 Mining
Dominus Hold M-14 Research
Fort Betheshee O-06 Barracks
Dantia System
Dantia VI Orbital C-03 Mining
Gamma Outpost J-15 Barracks
Dantia Stronghold K-06 Barracks
Geira Rutilus System
Balam Stronghold J-05 Commercial
Geira Outpost J-08 Mining
Geira Home Guard L-15 Barracks
Geira Watch O-04 Barracks
Helios System
Helios Outpost B-7 Mining
Initros System
Dettus Watch G-14 Barracks
Ironhold I-02 Mining
Arinos Stronghold M-08 Barracks
Initros Border Guard O-12 Barracks
Pyronis System
Supay Outpost D-04 Barracks
Pyronis Stronghold D-12 Capitol
Pyronis Command D-13 Capitol
Catequil Orbital I-06 Commercial
Catequil Outpost L-06 Research
Pyronis Border O-09 Barracks
Rhamus System
Tansus Outpost E-15 Research
Vanitus Stronghold G-12 Barracks
Rhamus IV Orbital M-04 Mining
Sol II System
Illapa Orbital B-12 Commercial
SkyCommand H-13 Capitol
Prime Command I-13 Capitol
Fort Huaca K-08 Barracks
Vichama Orbital M-04 Mining

Union of Independent Territories

UIT Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Arta Caelistis System
Arta Gateway B-7 Barracks
Attus Command J-11 Capitol
Attus Orbital J-12 Capitol
Dau System
Osteem Orbital G-11 Mining
Dau Senate L-10 Capitol
Aroan Executive L-11 Capitol
Ukari System
Caelestis Watch L-2 Barracks

The Propeller Group

TPG Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Arta Caelistis System
Oment Orbital C-04 Commercial
Azek System
Azek Developments C-14 Commercial
Arna Orbital D-11 Mining
Azek Manufacturing I-12 Commercial
Dau System
Danieck Mining G-02 Mining
TPG Headquarters K-10 Capital
Nyrius System
Nyrius Distribution G-02 Commercial
Asuin Holdings K-07 Commercial
Latos System
Remley Orbital N-15 Commercial

BioCom Industries

BioCom Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Dau System
Enistan Orbital I-7 Research
Nyrius System
Asuin Tech F-6 Research

Valent Robotics

Valent Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Dau System
Oretes Orbital N-02 Research
Nyrius System
Sarkon Research K-14 Research
Verasi System
Kannik Hold C-04 Barracks
Verasi Central E-14 Commercial
Aputik Mining O-12 Mining

Orion Heavy Manufacturing

Orion Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Azek System
Fenhall Mining I-04 Mining
Azek Central M-04 Commercial
Dau System
Dau Research D-09 Research
Latos System
Latos Mining N-02 Mining

Axia Technology Corp

Axia Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Arta Caelistis System
Sikan Orbital L-02 Research
Dau System
Axia Mining I-15 Mining
Verasi System
Verasi Industrial I-05 Commercial
Aputik Outpost L-15 Mining

Corvus Prime

Corvus Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Bractus System
Bractus Stronghold D-09 Barracks
Odia System
Odia Stronghold J-09 Barracks
Odia Barracks K-12 Barracks
Corvus Hold M-14 Capital
Sedina System
Sedina V Hold D-14 Research

Tunguska Heavy Mining Concern

Tunguska Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Edras System
Edras Command G-11 Mining
Odia System
Fenos Outpost H-06 Barracks

Aeolus Trading Prefectorate

Aeolus Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Helios System
Helios III B-14 Barracks
Ukari System
Ukari Command L-14 Barracks

Ineubis Defense Research

Ineubis Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Bractus System
Bractus Watch C-05 Barracks
Odia System
Odia Mining C-02 Mining
Pelatus System
Pelatus Bunker O-15 Barracks

Xang Xi Automated Systems

Xang Xi Stations
Station Name Sector Type
Latos System
Epsilon Hold C-02 Barracks
Sedina System
Daltas Hold L-02 Barracks
Sedina II Orbital K-13 Research
Ukari System
Ukari Outpost M-05 Research