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Guilds serve as a way for players to group together to complete a common goal. Guilds are often focused around a particular nation or faction. Guilds can have different goals. i.e:

Nationalism: Many guilds are centered around nationalism, which means fighting for your (Serco/Itani) nation. Nationalist guilds participate in several activities for the conflict such as Capture the Cargo, Deneb, Nation Wars, etc. Nationalists also shoot players of the opposite faction and put up large blockades on their wormholes. For Example: Itan, ONE, SKV, RED.

Trade: Guilds are also centered around trade, and they usually sell several goods to make a profit. Trade guilds also do other things such as Hive Clearing, PvP, Manufacturing, etc. They are neutral with most guilds and factions, as this helps their profit. For Example: TRI, HHTT(new) etc.

Mining: Some guilds are also centered around mining, boring as it may be, but they do not do only mining. They also do PvP, PvE etc. For Example: ORE, ROCK.

Pirate: There are also pirate guilds, who do the basic work of a pirate; get money from you or kill you themselves. They are the most hated guilds in the universe, yet they are also extremely fun. They are mostly successful, but there are only very few guilds that have elite members, and attack players well. Not some newb wanna-be created guilds. For Example: FAMY, VOID.

Just: Guilds can also be created for 'just' purposes. Which means, either it is just fun, or just a want to create a guild. Or they want to actually do something, that does not need a category in itself. Like fighting, or mercenary. For Example: PA etc.


To start a guild you need to have 10 people total ingame at the same time willing to join the guild. The person who initiates the guild will become the Commander of that guild. The other people who join while the guild is still "unofficial" will become council members. To start the guild the Commander must first create the guild. Once this is done the Commander must invite the 9 people needed to make the guild official. The people being invited to a guild can join, or decline. Once there are 10 members total the guild becomes official and any members who join after that will be only a simple member with no guild powers. The Commander also has the power to appoint Lieutenants who can invite members to join the guild and also expel (Commanders also have this power). Only 2 Lieutenants can be appointed at first.


The Commander has the ability to post a message of the day (MOTD) by typing the MOTD command. This can be useful for sending out a message to your entire guild without calling a special meeting. Commanders and Lieutenants can both invite and expel members at any time. The Council has the ability to remove someone from office or appoint them to a new position. This is done by using the vote command. A majority vote from the Council will change the persons rank immediately.

Any guild member or officer can see information about their guild in the Comm tab of their PDA.

Warning: If a guild has less than six (6) Council members, it will disband within 48 hours.

Positions & Powers

  • Commander- A Commander has the ability to create the guild, invite members, expel members, post a motd, appoint a Lieutenant, resign from the guild or position as commander, and view the active guild members list.
  • Council- A Council member has the ability to vote a person in or out of office, resign from the guild or position, and view the active guild members list.
  • Lieutenant- A Lieutenant has the ability to invite members, expel members, resign from the guild or position, and view the active guild members list.
  • Member- A Member has the ability to resign from the guild, and view the active guild members list.


Command Type Description
/guild M Ingame list of commands
/guild create "acronym" "full name" - Create a guild
/guild invite "name" Cmdr/Lt Invite someone into a guild
/guild join "name of inviter" - Accept an invitation to a guild
/guild decline "name of inviter" - Decline an invitation to a guild
/guild expel "name" Cmdr/Lt Expel a guild member
/guild appoint "name" Cmdr Appoint a lieutenant
/guild resign M Resign from a position or from the guild
/guild vote CM Vote on an issue
/guild list M List online guildmembers
/guild motd "message" Cmdr Set a Message of the Day
/say_guild (G key default) M Chat with guild members

Cmdr = Commander only
Cmdr/Lt = Commander and Lieutenant(s) only
CM = Council Members only
M = Standard Member

Here's an example situation:

/guild create "SM" "Space Monkeys"   ← Creates the "Space Monkeys" guild
/guild invite "n00bie" ← Invites the player n00bie
/guild appoint "n00bie" ← n00bie is now a lieutenant
/guild motd "Welcome to the Space Monkey guild" ← This message will show up to all guild members when they login
/guild resign "commander" ← You are no longer the commander. Oh no! There is no commander!

What guilds are active now?

A full list of guilds can be found at the Vendetta-Online guild page
Logo Name Acronym ID# Members Type Recruiting Officers
Logo vpr.png The Vipers [VPR] 19 21 Anti-Piracy Strat, Ishathis Bessuni
VOIDHEADER5.png Violence. Omnipotence. Impromptu. Destruction. [VOID] 219  ? PvP, Honorable Piracy, PMC Blaqk, Aetherial Nightmare, Sieger
Tgft crest.png The Guild of Free Traders [TGFT] 27 450 Trading,Mining,Manufacturing,PvE. Ecka Estenk, tsreknor, Lisa201
Trilogo.png Trident Arms Syndicate [TRI] 217 51 Manufacturing, Weapons Sales, PvP, Mining, Botting Darth Nihilus, Neon Black, Aldoss, Izhmash, Eclipsys
Logo clm.gif Cargo Liberation Movement [CLM] 54 66 Pirate Look ...No Hands, bockscar, Vskye
ITAN logo2.png Coalition of Itan [Itan] 64 146 Nationalist/Itani ARF_01, CrazySpence
PA-Logo.png Phoenix Alliance [PA] 78 81 Jack-of-all-trades Interstellar, J. A. Keller, and all Officers
BigRedOne.png Big Red One [ONE] 125 81 Nationalist/Serco Keria Willenium, Folks Dokaris, Star Buck
Redguildpage.png Red Eternal Dominion [RED] 216 71 Serco Nationalists Mecha Touriaus, Espionage, Matriarch, Mr. Chaos, DeepSpaceOne
EMS star1.jpg Emergency Mechanical Services [EMS] 123 31 Mechanics/Medics Chocolateer, CoreRep, Ninjr
ORE.jpg Orbital Rock Extraction [ORE] 134 70 Mining, Botting, Manufacturing Conflict Diamond, Axiom, lluvia acida
CHRN.png Kharon's Shores [CHRN] 158 18 Chaotic Chaakin Tockoa, Azrael, Maalik, &c.
Thc2.jpg The Headhunters Corps


[THC] 178 25 Pirate Pirren, Maalox, Footballprophet