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The universe of Vendetta Online is divided into three user-playable nations (the Itani, the Serco, and the UIT) and many smaller non-playable factions.

Major Factions (Nations)


Armand's Dilligence, Itani Capital

The Itani are a supposedly peaceful, religious group of people. They fled from Sol II (mankind's original homeworld in this quadrant of space) after a long and arduous war with the Serco. Some technophobic and xenophobic elements still remain in contemporary Itani society and some militant groups (including the infamous Order of Akan) still keep up the old hatreds.


Prime Command, Serco Capital

The Serco are a supposedly harsh, military, technophilic race. Famed for biotech and cybernetic technology, the Serco long ago mastered the art of transcending their frail human bodies. They are also reputed for their large capital ship-class ships. Even their smaller fighters, such as the Prometheus are heavily armored and armed.

Union of Independent Territories

Dau Senate, UIT Capital

The Union of Independent Territories is a conglomeration of many subfactions, such as Axia and TPG under the leadership of the UIT Senate. Officially neutral in the Itani-Serco war, the UIT often sells to both sides - at a high profit. UIT pilots enjoy the unique ability to go anywhere in the known universe, as long as they mantain good behavior.

UIT Subfactions

Independent Factions