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SkyCommand (Capital)
Prime Command (Capital)
Capital-Class Serco Military Vessels SMV-Nemesis and SMV-SCAR

The Serco (SIR-kow) are a proud race of people, a race many people fear. This fear is not without reason, many fear them because of the immense power they have, both in their ships and in their bodies. If there is one thing the Serco are good at it is genetics and cybernetic implants. Over the years the Serco have been improving themselves both genetically and with the aid of robotics to make themselves stronger, faster, and smarter. Their life-span has increased dramatically due to these modifications.

The Serco are currently at war with the Itani, a war which the Serco claim never ended. They were the first to use capital class ships in battle. Although currently all attempts to invade Itani space have been suspended, there are rumors that the Serco will be using their capital class ships again soon.

The special ship of the Serco reflects the power they wield; the Prometheus is an impressive ship, to say the least. It has the most armor of any ship of its class, 2 small weapons slots, and 1 large weapon slot.

Other Information

  • Are sometimes called toaster either as a term of affection, or insult.
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