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Armand's Dilligence (Capital)
Eo's Path (Capital)

The Itani (It-ah-nee) are an advanced race who since their escape from Sol II have spent their time learning about space travel and various other sciences. Thousands of years of exploration have allowed them to colonize 10 systems of space, giving them the largest empire out of all the other races. Peaceful by nature the Itani prefer to discuss their problems rather than fight, but the war with the Serco has changed their ways of dealing with others and they are now willing to fight to defend themselves and their nation.
Being a technologically advanced people, the Itani have developed ways to interact with their ships via their mind. This form of control has allowed them to have greater control of their ships, allowing maneuvers that would have never been possible before to be performed simply by thinking.
The pride of the Itani nation is the Valkyrie. A light, fast, and agile fighter, the Valkyrie is unmatched in combat. Three small ports give this ship its bite, and its amazingly fast acceleration make it untouchable.

Other Information

  • Are sometimes called smurf as either a term of affection, or insult.
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